Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Monica Mollica

Yesterday, someone emailed me some photos of Monica Mollica's progress over the years and my jaw dropped. I didn't realize how much she'd transformed in such a short period! What's even more incredible is the fact that she's still growing! The emailer pointed out how much her upper body has bulked up in just the last few months. I subscribed to her site and am very impressed.

Her progress is well documented in a massive and frequently updated photo gallery. You can really watch her turn from a skinny little teen to a hulking muscular beauty! Pretty much all of the photos are professionally shot, with a few "party" galleries.

Her recent videos are well-shot in HD, yet some of the older videos are a bit stretched. On these older videos, you'd need to resize your video player to get the right proportions. **Remember, if you see HD or widescreen video with letterbox bars inside it, it's probably not formatted correctly (the only exception being some Hollywood DVD's). In Monica's defense, I've seen this on a dozen other sites so it happens all the time. What's most important is that the videos are high quality, well shot and that Monica's muscular posing is always fresh and elegant. I assure you, she won't disappoint!

Two of the most unique features on the site are the forum and Q&A. There, fans can do the obvious and ask Monica questions about training, nutrition, etc. In one of the forum threads, Monica mentions that she's thinking about getting breast implants which is not uncommon among female bodybuilders. Through a long, back-and-forth dialogue, Monica's fans convince her not to get them.

Overall, the site is great and her progress is no less than incredible. Keep growing, Monica!

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