Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kristi Bruce

I meant to post this a few months ago but must've forgot. Femflex has an excellent video series of Kristi Bruce in beautiful offseason shape. Kristi fills a tight black shirt that can barely contain those gorgeously big biceps. The whole video is of Kristi sitting on a couch and is full of low angle closeups which look amazing in HD.

PS - Would you guys like me to write more reviews like this? I can even come up with a rating system.


Anonymous said...

What's incredible to me about Kristi is she says she's only been bodybuilding for 4 years or so and never done really anything athletic, especially something with weights ever! Hope she keeps up the pace!

Anonymous said...

Kristi, you are the most beautiful FBB, I have ever seen and I have been a fan for many many years. All the best to you.

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