Friday, July 17, 2009

Beautiful Freaks

Hey everybody,

First I want to thank everyone who has been coming to the site and especially for those who have given me their kind words. It's been a few months since I started and it's been a lot of fun posting updates and looking around for content. I also hope this site can provide some exposure for these hard working women.

Anyways, I'll try to keep this short, but I've thinking a lot over the last few days about the ''freak" mentality towards female bodybuilders. I thought about a speech I saw last summer with Governor Arnold talking about how great actors like Kirk Douglas used to lie when asked if they worked out. No one in their time wanted to even admit that they lifted weights. They wanted people to think they were naturally fit. They didn't want to be called freaks.

Today, weight lifting is extremely popular and many people love to brag about how they work out. However, what separates the weightlifter from the bodybuilder is the want to become a freak. They want to break the perceived rules of nature and trump expectations. If bodybuilders weren't called freaks, I think they would only be motivated to work harder and get even bigger (if that's even possible). For woman, this notion of excess is even farther out of the norm.

Personally, I love the freaks and I'm interested in them because they're freaks. I've always been fascinated by muscles and even spent about 6 months last year in a pretty heavy workout routine where I gained about 15 pounds of muscle. You buff ladies deserve my thanks for your inspiration.

Anyways, I'd like to know what you guys think. Are female bodybuilders freaks and will they always be freaks? ...wonderful, respectable, beautiful freaks.


Anonymous said...

In one aspect yes they are "freaks", but I just feel like like this nees a bit of clarification.

In term of body structure and mucle mass they truly are freaks, but in human and motional level they're just like everyone else and away from abnormality in every sense.

Not saying that you stated otherwise -- just trying to straighten up in case somebody took that word in the wrong way.

I don't think I like them because they look so different. I just like muscular looks combined with feminine curves and properties. I just die to see the day when this would be considered to be ok by the majority.

fbbfanguy said...

Thanks for any clarification and I hope no one took it the wrong way. I meant "freak" in the nicest way possible. It's good to be a freak! However, that doesn't mean that it's ok for any woman with or without muscles to be called names in public and we all know that happens.

I don't know if female bodybuilders will ever be truly accepted by the majority, but it would help if women stopped being afraid of muscle period. I've heard too many women say they once left a gym or even stopped working out altogether because they were afraid they were building muscles. From a personal fitness perspective, that's just sad.

Anonymous said...

muscular women excited. i am a perverted when i see one them. when i see her face the vascularity. masturbation is my reasource for breathin spell. i´m sorry for that

Anonymous said...

You know, Beautiful Freaks sounds like a very good name by which to establish a FBB clique. I would guess the purpose would be for a group of about 5 or 6 of the biggest, most "freakishly" overgrown, yet undeniably hot chicks to go around brazenly flaunting their muscularity, so as to inject that sort of thing more into the mainstream.

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